You’ll Never Guess Who Told Spike Lee No to Starring in a Film | Read His Unreleased Movie Script Here

With baseball being one of the many things on halt during this corona pandemic, Spike Lee took to Instagram to give his fans a treat. The legendary filmmaker dropped a full script of a Jackie Robinson biopic that never happened.


That’s right, Lee dropped all 159 pages of a script he’d written hoping his good friend, Denzel Washington would star as Robinson. He explained this was a “dream project” that never got the chance to see the light of day because Washington felt he was “too old” to carry out the project in the late 90s.


“This is a great American story. Hope you enjoy it. If you don’t, that’s alright too. It’s never getting made, but I wanted to share this script with you. Be safe! Be safe! Social distancing! Peace.”


Lee came through for the culture yet again! Read the script for yourself here and tell us what you think!

Stay safe and wash your hands as we enter 30 more days of mandated social distancing while the world tackles this pandemic.

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