“You Find Out Who Your Real Friends Are When Things Are Bad” Flex Alexander Sheds Tears, Remembering How Chris Spencer Helped Him At His Lowest Point

Tough times have a way of revealing who’s really in our corner. This past weekend Flex Alexander opened up about how during a tough time in his life, friend Chris Spencer came through with the assist to make an anniversary for his wife, Shanice, special.


Nearly 15 years ago, Flex Alexander and Shanice were at the top of the game. Flex landed a starring role in the hit UPN show, “One on One” and Shanice was still reaping the benefits of her 90s R&B single, “I Love Your Smile” which received a Grammy nomination and topped the charts. Once UPN canceled the series, the two would run into financial problems that ultimately led to bankruptcy.




During Chris Spencer’s “Date Night”  IG live series, that he hosts alongside his wife Vanessa, he and Flex shared a heartwarming story about Chris supporting his friend at his lowest moment.


“I never said anything, it was our anniversary and I couldn’t do anything for you,” Flex expresses while getting emotional, “and Chris gave me $350 so that I could take you out.”



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“When things are great, everybody loves you, but when things aren’t you find out who’s really there, “ he continued while thanking Chris for being such a great friend.


Chris, also in tears, said,  “if we can’t provide for our family we feel like failures,” and he opened up about the impact that not being able to provide for your family has on men.


It was great to see true brotherhood on display and definitely brought a tear to our eyes too.

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