We’re SHOCKED! You Won’t Believe Her Husband’s Completely Offensive Reaction To Her Natural Hair

If a man doesn’t love your natural hair… it’s time to let him go, right?


Derek, Ruth, and Summer are an interracial family of three who use their Youtube channel, “Life Less Scripted” to document their daily lives.


Miss Rona has forced us all into us styling our tresses at home and this is no different for Ruth who typically wears braids or twists. She took out her weave, decided to rock her natural hair, and like many of her hairstyle reveal videos, recorded her new do.


After setting up her camera to do the first reveal via Youtube, she did the same for her husband Derek. He was speechless after the first glance at his wife’s natural fro and it spiraled downhill from there.


“Who are you and what have you done with Ruth? Who is this woman I see before me, before my eyes?” he says making his way toward his wife. “Wow. So this is it huh?! Wow, your real natural hair. Interesting. You’re a whole different person. You’re not…Wow. It’s nice.”


And just when it couldn’t get any worse, this man breaks the rule of all rules…. (Alexa, play Solange “Don’t Touch My Hair”)


That’s right, Derek puts his hand in her hair then smells his fingers, “It’s nice. It’s coconut-y.” Derek continues to awkwardly gawk at it. “It’s cute,” he says. “It’s not bad. I’m not saying it’s bad. I’m just saying it’s really different. You’re still beautiful.”


Should our good sis get up out of there? Watch the full clip below:




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