Urban Indie Filmblock: Watch Simone Missick, Before Her Big Break, Shine In This Week’s Indie Film ‘The Big Chop’

Urban Indie Film Block has the indie film game on lock and this week we’re taking on the theme, “Boss Moves.”


That’s right, the ladies in these films are making BIG moves that’ll inspire you to do the same. Catch Simone Missick before her big break in “The Big Chop” and see how this woman is about to change her life, starting with a haircut!



Next up is “Juicy Ladies,” where this boss lady is taking life into her own hands and not allowing the opinions of others to drive her decision-making.



Both films debut Tuesday, May 5 at 8 pm ET! It’s the perfect way to end your Cinco De Mayo plans in the house thanks to Miss Rona.

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