Urban Indie Film Block: Could You Choose Yourself Over Someone You Love?



They share their hopes, their dreams and their imaginations with us. They make us laugh. They make us cry. They allow us to be vulnerable. Today, we salute these upcoming artists and open our hearts to their stories.


If it came down to you or someone you love, who would you choose? In this week’s episode of “Urban Indie Film Block,” both films force their characters into a corner and a decision must be made.


Watch these upcoming black creatives share their stories on Tuesday at 8/7c on AspireTV!



Directed by Dubois Ashong

This is the story of Nasir (28), a disingenuous water distribution operative and truck driver working for the Los Angeles department of water and power during the worst drought in L.A. history. On the brink of a promotion, Nasir learns of a plot spearheaded by his sister to take revolutionary action against the possible privatization of the city’s dwindling water resources. Nasir, who has adopted a blind eye approach to the company’s corruptions must choose whether his individual survival is more important than that of his entire community.




Written and Directed by Royce Adkins 

A Sci-Fi psychological drama about a young man who is addicted to a machine that allows him to artificially relive memories of his deceased fiancé.



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