Tips to Prepare for ‘The Perfect Holiday’

It may seem like Christmas is far away, but with it almost being mid-October, we’re literally almost less than two months out. And as the saying goes, stay ready so you don’t have to get ready. While the holidays can be filled with love and laughter, the days leading up to it can be filled with worry and stress. Everything from making sure the house to clean for visiting relatives to budgeting for Christmas gifts for loved ones can drive you CRAZY.

So, because we luh y’all, we’re giving some tips to get a head start on the 2019 Holiday Season:


Start Yo Shopping Early

Listen, you’re already online browsing and spending money on things you don’t really need, so why not get started on buying little gifts here and there for the fam? It’ll help you avoid having to physically get out of the house and be in the mix with everyone and they mama who waited till the last minute (because, really, who wants to do that?). Get started NOW and even go the extra mile and #buyBlack right here on our aspireMKTPLC.

Get rid of some junk

You gotta make room for the new by getting rid of the old, so throw a yard sale or donate some items to your local Goodwill. Trust and believe, you’ll thank us for this when that excess “stuff” starts to mysteriously accumulate during the holidays. And your family will (finally!) have great things to say when they come over and visit a clean, minimalized space.

Break out your Penmanship and Get Started on Those Holiday Cards

Who wants to spend weekends in December sorting through your contacts to send out those cute holiday photos of you and your crew? Start now and even go as far as preparing the envelopes so that when those cards are ready, you can just pop them in, add a stamp, and get them in the mail. Bonus: you’ll score premium placement on your folks’ fridge by beating other family members to the punch.

Wake and Bake

You can actually bake some of those cookies and baked goods and freeze them until the holiday. Now don’t start them this weekend, but around late November/early December, go ahead and get some of your sweets out of the way to make for less of a hassle cooking the night before the big dinner. Just remember to defrost them before the holiday and BOOM you’re good to go.

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