Three #BossBabe-Run Businesses We Discovered At Ladies Of Business ‘18

Ladies Who Brunch ATL offered women-owned businesses the opportunity to showcase their wares at the 2018 Ladies of Business Conference in Atlanta. The Ladies of Business Conference curated a day of motivational and educational panels for rising female entrepreneurs and a networking brunch featuring a fireside chat featuring Courtney Adeleye, founder of The Mane Choice, artist turned fashion entrepreneur Rasheeda, and Teami Blends founder Adi Halevy.

Allow us to introduce you to three of our new favorite brands discovered while on site at the conference:

Brand: The Rich Girl Project

Founder: Ash Couture

The Rich Girl Project is a subscription-based online community which offers established girl bosses and women just starting their entrepreneurship the opportunity to not only support each other and grow their business together, but also to learn from each other. offers a map and directory to the myriad business run by its members; a wealth of online resources and educational blog posts; member spotlights; and a forum to which members are encouraged to post and visit daily. Also unique to RPG is Rich Girl University, which currently offers online classes geared to help new entrepreneurs establish their businesses. Over the next few months, Rich Girl University will grow to offer webinars and more advanced classes.

Founder Ash Couture drew inspiration from her own entrepreneurship journey. After graduating from the University of South Carolina, Ash found quick success in the corporate world, but found herself unfulfilled until she launched her marketing and event management firm,  The Couture Group.  The Rich Girl Project not only brings together all of the resources Ash discovered and used along her journey, but also aims to offer solutions to some of the obstacles she had to overcome. Plus it promotes #GirlPower, which is always a winning situation.

Brand: Butta Natural Body Care

Founder: April Lopez

After trying in vain to find all natural products that could keep her dry skin moisturized throughout the day,  April Lopez started researching raw butters and working to develop her own blend. To the properly tested winning formula, an unscented blend aptly named The Butta, April added a Brown Sugar body scrub and Butta Natural Body Care was born. In almost a year, the all natural, chemical free line of body and skin care products has grown to include a full assortment of body butters and scrubs, as well as bath bombs, handmade bath soaps, soaks and a facial skin care line.

The products are currently available online at and can also be purchased wholesale. And the products are still manufactured by hand by April and her team which includes April’s 20-year-old daughter, who is also on the verge of launching her own cosmetic line.

Brand: Werk, Pray, Slay

Founder: Koeryelle

This is how you smile when you turned your hobby into a hustle and then that hustle into a full blown brand?? . . . If you hate Mondays then it’s finallyyyyyyyy time for you to go from pissed off to paid!!? . . . Let’s face it, it’s not a good feeling to “be your own boss” but barely getting any business??‍♀️ . . . It’s also not a good feeling to have a great idea but be unsure how to turn it into real income? . . . I came up with my Get Paid Challenge because I wanted to share things I wish I had years ago when I was starting out. . . It’s kicking off tomorrow and I’m going in everyday! This challenge is going to be eye opening and game changing… I promise after just the first day you will have an understanding of what’s been missing in your money plan. . . . Register now with the link in my bio? It’s free but time is ticking, the challenge kicks off tomorrow. Follow ?? @thegetmoneygang for more details #GetMoneyGangg

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In 2012, after walking away from an abusive relationship and realizing that she had spent much of her engagement preparing for her wedding and not her marriage, Koeryelle founded “The Single Wives Club,” a support group for single women who recognized the importance of self improvement and personal growth as they readied themselves to one day become a spouse. A couple of years later, she rebranded the support group to place a bigger focus on helping women attain all of their goals with an intentional focus on self. Werk, Pray, Slay supports women through a variety of products and events that encourage them to dedicating their lives to their dream. Werk with an “e”  symbolizes the energy a woman must put towards her own goals, apart from any obligation to loved ones; Pray is a reminder of the important role faith and spirituality play in any success; and Slay is an encouragement to celebrate all “wins,” no matter how small, as the important stepping stones towards the goal.

In addition to Werk, Play, Slay, Koeryelle hosts the “Confessions of a Werkaholic” podcast and curates travel experiences through her other brand, Busy At The Beach.

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