The Black Love We Love To See, Mack Wilds Shares The Love of His Life And New Daughter With The World

Tristan “Mack” Wilds is celebrating his first Father’s Day early this year- introducing his newborn daughter to the world in an Essence magazine exclusive.


The actor got his big break on the iconic HBO series, “The Wire,” and met his leading lady, now the mother of their baby girl, Christina Hammond, whom he also showcased in the spread.



“Everybody says their woman is their rib,” says Wilds. “But she’s my backbone. In this business, it’s like, if you don’t have a backbone, you’re a gutted fish.”


Fifteen years later, the lovely couple is stronger than ever starting their own little family.


“When you’re raising a girl, you’re raising the closest thing that we have to God,” says Wilds gushing over baby Tristyn who is also named after him. He adds, “I had a lot of growing up and strengthening to do to be ready to take care of this little one.”



Hammond, a media and talent relations strategist says, “I’m a daddy’s girl, so I’m blessed that she’s able to have the experience of having such a good father because there’s nothing like it. I know that he has her back 1,000 percent.”


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