Snoop Dogg Tells Ari Lennox to “Grow Her Own Hair,” She Claps Back Beautifully!

Ari Lennox took to Instagram live to address the comments made by rapper Snoop Dogg telling her to “grow her own hair” in reference to her lace-front fail in a previous video.



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#AriLennox struggles with her #lacefront ?

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The singer is super open and transparent with her fans allowing them an intimate peek into her life via her hilariously entertaining IG Lives.


Many people voiced concerns about the rappers’ comments on Lennox’s tresses. They basically said that he had no place discussing her hair after the assumption that she took up for him earlier this year during his feud with Gayle King.



In what was supposed to be a funny video, she struggled with her new lacefront and commended the versatility that Black women possess. She also noted how other ethnicities and races look to our culture for inspiration.


On a more serious note, Lennox also addresses how some people use wigs because they suffer from diseases such as cancer, alopecia or simply just cannot grow their hair.


One thing is for certain- ya gotta love Lennox for her willingness to clear the air so those who come for her know what’s up.


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