Sasha Obama Heads to College: And She’s Marching to the Beat of Her Own Drum

Sasha Obama is marching to the beat of her own drum. That’s right, the youngest Obama is set  to begin her college career at the University of Michigan beginning this week according to The Detroit News and many students who have spotted Sasha accompanied with her Secret Service entourage on campus.


Former First Lady and mother to Sasha and Malia, Michelle Obama received her undergraduate degree from Princeton University in New Jersey and former President and father to the girls, Barack Obama attended Columbia University in New York City for his undergraduate studies. Malia, the older sister to Sasha is currently attending Harvard University, so while most expected her to follow in the footsteps of her family, she’s taking her own route through her decision to attend a Big Ten School in the Midwest over an Ivy League school where her family has all received an education and have all at some point attended Harvard University.


President Obama once mentioned that dropping Malia off at college was “a little bit like open-heart surgery,” so we can only imagine that this may be his same sentiments for dropping off his baby girl, Sasha as well.


Now that the Obama’s are officially empty nesters with Malia in her third year at Harvard, and Sasha entering her freshman year at the University of Michigan, one can only imagine what things they have planned as they get back to a home with just the two of them. Rumor has it that we’ll be seeing more of them through a deal that they’ve inked with Netflix… we here at aspireTV can’t wait to hear more from our forever First Family as they continue with life beyond the White House.




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