Omar Tyree Talks 25th Anniversary of Flyy Girl, New Projects and Philly Life

I am totally having a fan girl moment. Do ya’ll remember Flyy Girl? Of course ya’ll do! I remember being in middle school, in Flint, Michigan and carrying the book, Flyy Girl in my hand every single day. I read that book from cover to cover, totally engulfed in the life of Tracy Ellison, the book’s main character. Flyy Girl was hot in my middle school streets; every girl had a copy and every boy wanted to know what had captured our attention.

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Flyy Girl is a timeless urban classic that still has girls’ trying to be as flyy as Tracy. It has been a little over 25 years, since Flyy Girl was released, and I had the pleasure and honor to catch up with the book’s author, Omar Tyree. The New York Times Best Selling Author and Philly native hasn’t stopped writing and continues to stay in sync with pulse of urban America through literature, with his latest e-Series, The American Disease.

Tynee` Sims: Why does Flyy Girl still resonate in the heart of young women 25 years later?
Omar Tyree: Flyy Girl gives readers an authentic Philly feel. Readers have a chance to get to watch Tracy grow through adolescence and puberty. Every girl can relate to Tracy Ellison, because they want to either be Tracy, or know somebody like her. It’s a story that explores what it meant to be an African-American teenager in the 80s.

TS: Will there be a Flyy Girl Movie? All my friends have been patiently waiting for this!
OT: I’m working on getting the rights back from Lionsgate, so that I can do the story just right. I want to make sure I capture Philly in the 80s, with the loud music playin’ and everybody outside. Ideally, I’d love to cast Yara Shahidi as Tracy Ellison, she’d be perfect for the role.

TS: Philly is hot right now. What makes people from Philly stand out? What’s Philly about you?
OT: Being from Philly gives you a competitive edge. Philly folks are blue collar, hardworking and communal. We’re direct and straight to the point. Some refer to it as “the row-house mentality.” We get it done, whatever “it” is. Just ask Will Smith, Kevin Hart, or Meek Mill. We speak the truth, but if you lie we catch you in a lie quick!

TS: You have a new e-Series on Amazon, called the “American Disease”. That’s a spicy title. What exactly is the American disease?
OT: The American Disease is no beach read. The lack of money in a capitalistic system is an absolute poison that causes many broke and desperate people to do a lot of crazy things. That is the disease that I am now writing about. I’m writing about how this disease spreads throughout our culture and I use the character Bryan, to tell that story.

TS: What is the antidote to the “American Disease”?
OT: We must trust in each other more. We must invest in each other and support one another. We’ve been our own main enemy for far too long. We have to cure ourselves to make it work.

TS: How do you think readers will respond to the book?
OT: Well first, of all they will love it. It’s very well executed and in the book, I deal with real money issues that we hear about every day.

TS: I know you’re focused on your e-series now, but will fans get a hardback book from you soon?
OT: Absolutely! In the height of this social media crazed era, I am currently working on a book entitled: “Social.” “Social” is about a girl genius named Jessica Mayland, who has been tasked to use her skills to become social media famous, however, she can’t use profanity, nudity, or be mean to people in order to do it.

TS: So, she can only use her wits and smarts?
OT: Yup, it’s a twist on how people are currently using social media to garner fame.

TS: That’s wild!!

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