‘Olympia’ is Redefining Black Love on The Big Screen

Who doesn’t want that Disney, fairytale type of love as seen in the movies? Yes, love can be magical, but it can also be tough and while we love a good love story like what we see on the television, it doesn’t always work that way.


‘Olympia’, does a great job of showing us what love looks like in the real world. How sometimes life isn’t always fair, but we still have to push through and that it’s okay to open our hearts in the process of healing. Not only does this film depict the raw emotions that come with being in a relationship, but it highlights just how real it gets for those 20 and 30-somethings just trying to navigate life and stay afloat.


This independent film highlights, Olympia (played by writer of the film, McKenzie Chinn), a Chicago artist who has reached a turning point in her life- one in which she has to make a critical decision in her relationship with boyfriend, Felix ( played by Charles Andrew Gardner). It is a constant reminder that it’s okay to fall in love while still figuring out life.

‘Olympia’ has changed the way that our love is portrayed on the big screen and reminds us that Black love is not only intoxicating, captivating, and inspiring but demanding, frustrating, and consuming at the same damn time. It’s the perfect reminder that telling real-life, Black stories will always be important.


Be sure to catch our special #BlackMovieMagic premiere of ‘Olympia’, March 6that 8 pm ET. This special March edition features McKenzie Chinn who is also responsible for writing the film-talk about a great kickoff to Women’s Her-story Month here at aspireTV!


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