New Year, New View: How to Kick Off the Roaring ’20s On a Positive Note

Just because history repeats itself and we are entering the roaring ‘20s yet again (many of us for the first time), does not mean you have to stay stagnant and remain the same! We want you to enter the new month, year AND decade with a fresh outlook on all that life has to offer and what better way to do so than by approaching 2020 with a new perspective- 20/20 vision if you will!


This is the time of the year where we all reflect, dive into our resolutions and really get a fresh start or a reset on how we approach our lives. Here are some tips for not only starting the year with a bang but maintaining those resolutions after the New Year buzz dies down.



  1. Write the vision. Make it plain. Start the year by creating a vision board of all of the things you’d like to accomplish/work towards this year. Grab some old magazines, scissors, glue, etc. and put those arts and crafts skills to use creating your very own outline of what you’d like your life to look like this year. Once it’s completed it, hang it somewhere like in the bathroom or your bedroom so that it’s one of the first things you see every day- it’ll definitely help motivate you to work toward those goals!
  2. Create a list of gratitude. We’ve just ended a decade and what better way to prepare for the next 10 years than to list out all of the things that have occurred that you are extremely grateful for. It’s a great way to reflect on what you’ve accomplished to see what you want to do in the new decade.
  3. Make a list of life lessons you’ve learned thus far. The best way to push forward and avoid repeating mistakes is to reflect on what you’ve learned from the past. It also helps you to focus on your growth as a person!
  4. Map out your goals both big and small. Grab a blank journal and list out some of the things you’d like to accomplish within the next month, few months and throughout the year. Also, list out the sacrifices you’ll need to make in order to achieve them!
  5. Get your finances in order! Identify your financial goals for the year – they can be saving for a dream vacation, paying off a loan, saving for a home, or putting more into your savings each month. Then break down that goal into smaller, more achievable goals so you can ACTUALLY get there. For example, instead of grabbing a $5 coffee each morning, you could make your own delicious, cup of joe at home and then throw the money you didn’t spend into your savings. Having a realistic plan in place and being dedicated to your long-term goal will help you get there!
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