Lovers or Just Friends? The Premiere of “A Second Chance” Will Show You How NOT To Approach Your Male Best Friend

“A Second Chance” explores the thin line between love and friendship as it follows best friends, Cheyann (Jontille Gerard) and Daniella (ReSheda D. Terry) who have both developed feelings for Cheyann’s best guy friend Darius (Chico Benymon).


What is it with friendships of the opposite sex and falling in love? This Grayson Stroud film will speak to you if you’ve ever thought about taking things to the next level with someone you consider “just a friend.”


The looming question…can men and women can have strictly platonic relationships? And, we might just have an answer for you. According to Psychology Today, the answer in most cases is no. Because most people see friendship “…as a step to mutually satisfying love, sex and/or commitment.”


But, “no” doesn’t have to be the final answer. As a matter of fact, we’ve got some tips on maintaining a “friends-only” relationship between you and your best friend.

  1. Communicate your intentions. Voice your true feelings and what you’re looking to gain out of the relationship. But also, listen to your counterparts’ intentions to ensure you align.
  2. Don’t send mixed signals. If you’re wanting to keep it a strictly friends don’t send messages that may seem that you want to take things a step further. Keep things consistent and if feelings change be sure to speak up.
  3. Know your friends. The best approach to any relationship is a hint of selflessness. Are you just focusing on your wants and desires? Understand the other person’s goals for the friendship and respect any differences you may have.


To find out how Cheyann and her two best friends end up navigating their friendship love triangle, tune in for our #BlackMovieMagic premiere of “A Second Chance” March 13th at 8pm ET!


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