Learn From The Best! Ray J, Omarosa and Master P To Headline The Keys To Black Wealth Virtual Summit

Celebrate Juneteenth and work toward your economic freedom by attending the Keys To Black Wealth 3-day Summit!


Their first-ever Freedom Day summit will take place on June 19-21, 2020, and will feature some of the most dynamic entrepreneurs of this generation including Master P, Ray J, and LisaRaye. The co-founders, Brandy Avery, David DeBerry II, Lemar Pughsley, and Frank Cage created this summit to commemorate Juneteenth and focus on black wealth.


(Keys To Black Wealth Team: Frank Cage, Brandy Avery, Lemar Pughsley, David DeBerry II)


We had a chance to sit down with them and their focus is on creating Black wealth, not just during Juneteenth, but from here on out. See what they had to say.



What does the Keys To Black Wealth brand embody?


“We’re not about rhetoric,” says Avery. The Keys To Black Wealth brand focuses on group economics and this is woven into all of their events, particularly this weekend’s Juneteenth summit. This means that they work collectively to pursue a common economic interest to create a sustainable and secure economy for themselves. The team mentions that they will take ticket sales and create grants for small-business owners.


Avery also adds, “We’re about action. Our team includes licensed financial professionals and we believe that knowledge without application is a false sense of progress.”


The team encourages people to shop Black and support Black businesses and they also provide resources to help you find the right businesses for you.


DeBerry says, “We feature other business owners and other entrepreneurs so that they can find one another and build a community. We’re figuring out where the need is and how to provide that need.”


Why is the conversation about finances and Black wealth so important in the current climate?


In regard to the education of finances for our people, Pughsley says, “It should’ve been done. Why not now?”


The team believes they have a responsibility to build the Black wealth movement for the next generation.“If we focus on closing that wealth gap, we can provide a lot of solutions to problems within the Black community, ” says Cage.


You have some big names dropping by the Summit, is this an intentional way of ensuring that you reach the masses?


Avery emphasizes, “Entertainment is our brand. We are a multimedia and entertainment brand. This is intentional because it’s a part of our brand”


The Keys to Wealth team only wants to work with celebrities and entrepreneurs who are intentional about the movement.


For example, the team first connected with Master P and the No Limit family back in February when he became the recipient of their Generational Wealth Award during a Black History Month event. They are aware that the hip-hop mogul and entrepreneur is known to only work with brands that he respects. “We are honored and humbled that he’s decided to tap into what we have to offer and continue to maintain a relationship with the brand.


“We’re intentional about seeking out individuals who aren’t just about the movement, but actually know their stuff, we want to make sure that our attendees leave with tangible information and people like Ray J, LisaRaye, Omarosa, and more can provide them with the tools that they need to leave and execute the information given.”





For more on how you can attend the 3-day Keys To Black Wealth Summit: https://www.keystoblackwealthsummit.com



For More Ways To Support Black-Owned Businesses:


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