The Perfect Butter + Brown Recipes For Your Labor Day Weekend Gathering

Summer, summer, summertime! Put your grilling shoes on, stock up on barbecue necessities, invite the fam, and put the music hits on replay. Summer is coming to an end soon, but not before Labor Day, of course.

Labor Day is right around the corner and most of us consider this time be the unofficial end to our summer days. Spice up your holiday weekend this year with some Butter + Brown recipes. Tune into the Butter + Brown season 2 premiere coming this fall, October 2nd.

Jamaican Beans and Rice


You really can’t go wrong with rice and beans, but you REALLY can’t go wrong with this exact recipe.
Get the full recipe here.


Herb Roasted Chicken

Yes, roasted chicken is acceptable at the cookout. Your guest will thank you for opting for this grilled chicken alternative!

Get the full recipe here.


Grilled Lemon & Peach Lemonade

Once you try grilled lemon and peaches for your lemonade, plain ole’ fruit just won’t suffice anymore.
Read all of the ingredients and how-to instructions here.


Mashed Cauliflower

Wanting to cut back on carbs, but can’t get enough of creamy mashed potatoes? Look no further because these mashed cauliflower will make you question whether or not there are real potatoes in the recipe!
Another amazing full recipe here.


Nashville Style Hot Chicken

Someone will definitely be kissing the cook for this one! Nashville hot chicken done right!
Get the full recipe here.


Crab Guacamole

Shock your guests and kick your classic guac recipe up a few notches!
Get the full recipe here.


Mac n Cheese

Who can celebrate Labor Day weekend without mac n cheese? Nobody. Do it right every single time with this spot-on recipe for thick and creamy mac n cheese!
Get the full recipe here.


Chocolate Brownies

The simple brownie recipe perfected! This will be a hit.
Get the full recipe here.


Hot Chili Margarita

Y’all ain’t ready for this one. Make extra because your guests will be asking for refills!
Get the recipe here.

Flashback to season one with this episode of Butter + Brown featuring Larenz Tate!

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