Kanye West Covers College Costs For George Floyd’s Daughter, Pledges 7 Figures To Support Victims of Police Brutality

Kanye West, who many in the Black community have critiqued for his silence, has announced a donation in support of the families affected by police brutality.


A representative of West’s team revealed he will launch a college fund to pay for George Floyd’s six-year-old daughter Gianna.



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West will also donate an additional $2 million to the families of Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor, additional recent victims of police brutality and racism in America. He even will cover the legal fees for the Arbery and Taylor families as they fight for justice.


Last but certainly not least, the Chicago native has pledged his support of black-owned businesses in his hometown.


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  1. I commend Kanye for his philanthropic acts & generosity to the families. I was about to be his fan again until I got 2the part where he decided 2continue to worship the obvious demon(Crump) in which this all was escalated from..I mean, if this situation didn’t prove anything to Kanye..so be it. He is who he is. Devil (Crump) kissed him & his wife behind face to face but yet his continued actions shows his lack of empathy or concerns for the poor or our race..smh. Religiously speaking, God said to love our enemies but he also said don’t do evil for evil. May God help them both for They knw not what they do!!

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