” It’s A Complete Nightmare” Basketball Wive’s Jennifer Williams Exposes The Man Who Allegedly Stole Her Range Rover

“I’m not embarrassed, I’m telling my story so no one else gets hurt,” says reality star, Jennifer Williams.


In a social media post, Williams claims Aaron Nichols has been scamming “multiple women” out of their cars and cash, including her luxury SUV.  And she offered valuable information on how to identify him – his aliases, places of residence, his picture – and hopefully stay away.



The former friends met in Atlanta. She called him “…a smart, down to earth and nice guy,” before things took a turn for the worse.


After a move to Atlanta from Los Angeles, Williams found herself with an extra vehicle (Range Rover) that she needed to have parked and put away. Nichols allegedly offered to take the vehicle and park it for her. However, once she was settled and went to retrieve her car, none of her calls or texts were answered.


“I haven’t had my car since November (2019)” says Williams. After filing a police report, she found out that Nichols was “a completely different person with a shady record.”


Reportedly, he’s a well-known scammer. Williams also discovered that he has “almost seven kids” and he’s done this to many women, including children’s mothers, “taking their cars, cash, whatever he can get his hands on!”


“I’ll probably never see my car again, but that’s okay. People need to know that he’s not the man he portrays himself to be.”


Our heart goes out to Williams.


Have you ever loaned your vehicle to a man? We wanna know!

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