If You Missed Your Easter Sermon, Chance The Rapper Has A Word “All The Celebrities…Ya’ll Don’t Got Sh*t On Jesus”

Chance The Rapper took us to church for Easter Sunday.



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He took to Instagram live to give a mini-sermon about Jesus Christ and it was lit! Born Chancelor Bennett, the 26-year old rapper has always been known for his love of the Lord which is constantly displayed throughout his music and personal life.


While on live, he shared his gratitude for what the Lord has done for him and he broke down the Bible in a way that could resonate with everyone from Church folk to his fans. Lastly, he had this reminder for his celebrity peers- “ya’ll don’t got sh*t on Jesus.”



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“All the celebrities & important icons out there in the world, y’all don’t got sh*t on Jesus…” ?? @chancetherapper

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“[Jesus] went up on that cross at Calvary and he took the beating and the death that all of us deserved. All of us live in sin and are born into sin,” Chance said. “Christ is a different breed. Different kind of guy. And all the celebrities and important icons out there in the world, ya’ll don’t got sh*t on Jesus.”


In an industry where many don’t really talk about religion openly, we love to see what Chance The Rapper is doing and at such a young age. Shoutout to him for a word on Easter Sunday!

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