Jhene’ Aiko & Meg Thee Stallion Drop Brand New Music, Reminding Us Who. TF. We. Are.!

Nothing screams Friday like new music to vibe to waiting for the clock to strike 5!

Both Jhene’ Aiko and Megan Thee Stallion are reminding us that life is all about balance. Whether you plan to spend a weekend filled with intentional self-care or clap it down with the girls, these ladies have the weekend on lock with the release of their new projects Chilombo and Suga as Woman’s History Month continues.

Chilombo, Aiko’s third studio album will sprinkle you with healing powers and have you deep in self-reflection by track 2. Oh and bonus – some soothing sound therapy to refocus your third eye.

(Courtesy of Jhene’ Aiko’s Instagram @jheneaiko)

The sultry songstress got vulnerable in an IG post, reflecting on her retreat to the hills of Hawaii- immersing herself in the world of incense, crystals and singing bowls. Her experience manifested this project, an effort to show music heals. She said,  “ this is not a perfect, linear story…but rather a REAL story…about love, loss, anger, forgiveness, sorrow, freedom and ALL the things life has to offer.”


Chilombo, which also happens to be the singer’s last name, is the perfect album to put on repeat if you’re looking to soothe that inner chaos and align your chakras this weekend!


On the flip side- if you’re looking to get round two of #HotGirlSummer on and popping early- Megan Thee Stallion has you covered with her new EP Suga.


She reiterates her lifestyle of leveling up and girl power with tracks like “Crying in The Car”- an ode to staying on your shit even if you gotta cry it out in the whip.

(Courtesy of Megan Thee Stallion’s Instagram- @theestallion)

The Houston hottie is solidifying her space at the top of the rap game – period. And we all heard about the on-going battle between her and record label 1501 in a contract negotiation attempt gone bad, Megan Thee Stallion shows us what it’s like to reclaim your time, demand respect and most importantly, never settle for anything less than what you’re worth.

It’s Woman’s “Her-story” Month and both Jhene’ Aiko and Megan Thee Stallion have got a story to tell- listen to Chilombo and Suga below!




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