GM Speaks: I See You. I Feel You. I Am You.

it’s been a minute since we’ve chatted

and that’s because I’ve been blessed to carry my second child for

38 weeks.

a blessing indeed.

yet in the midst of experiencing this incredible miracle,

i find myself here,

with you

in the midst of a national pandemic

while expecting,


the arrival of my baby boy and

i’d be lying if I said I didn’t have anxiety

over his impending birth,

adjusting to the new normal of homeschooling my 9 year old,

playing “breakfast, lunch and dinner lady”,

attempting to maintain a presence with the aspireTV team virtually,

all while trying to connect with loved ones near and far

oh, and share an office with my husband now and trying to remain friends with him.

whew, it’s overwhelming just writing it all down.

but I realize that i’m not alone.

you are here too.

i see you laughing through the pain,

the memes,

i see you encouraging yourselves,

the scriptures, quotes and songs

i see you dancing at

#clubquarantine and at the IG Live Concerts of some of our favs.

i see you. 

i feel you.

i am you

and we are descendants of a resilient people that have always prevailed.

so we know, this too shall pass,

but i was reminded today by my doctor that “it’s okay to not be okay”.

yes, I’m a woman of faith and self-proclaimed “optimist” but it’s okay to not be okay.

to be frustrated,

it’s okay.


it’s okay.


it’s okay.


it’s okay.


it’s okay.


it’s okay.

this too shall pass.

but in the meantime,

check on a friend,

a loved one,

or someone in need

and see yourself

let them know that it’s okay

and that when this is all said and done,

we will all be better for having experienced it…


so I’ll start by checking in with you, i want to know

are you ok?

e-mail me @

talk soon


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