GM Speaks: aspireTV’s General Manager Melissa Ingram asks, “When Did You First See Yourself?”

i’m back

and I have a question for you.

can you recall the very first time you saw someone on television that looked like you,

sounded like you,

dressed like you,

wore their hair like you?

what did you feel?

were you excited,


did you laugh,


oh i know, you felt proud

to see a reflection of yourself

+ someone that looked like you

to be seen by millions.

i bet you felt valued,

had a sense of belonging

+ were no longer “the only one”.

you felt seen by millions.


see, i remember the first time i saw myself on television.

i was around 5 or 6 and i started watching a new show with my dad called

the cosby show on nbc.

+ there was the cutest little brown girl, i’d ever seen on my tv screen.

keshia knight pulliam,

known as rudy,

was her name

+ every thursday night

i was in awe,

glued to the tv screen in hopes of seeing her

+ myself represented.

the sass,

the curiosity,

the confidence,

the laughter

of the 5-year-old.

she was me.

and with that reflection, i knew i was special.

my story was being shared.

at 5 years old, the world was taking notice of her

+  that mattered

i mattered.

you couldn’t tell me nothing.


@ aspiretv, we understand the importance of being able to see

+ be yourself.

we know how much representation matters to you,

it matters to us.

so I’ll ask you again,

when was the first time you saw yourself being reflected on television?

perhaps you have yet to see yourself on television.

either way, I want to know.

e-mail me @

talk soon


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