GM Speaks: A Love Letter to Black People from aspireTV’s General Manager, Melissa Ingram


my name is melissa ingram

allow me to introduce myself

i’m the general manager of aspireTV

i am wife





hbcu grad


and most importantly a believer of god

+ lover of black culture and people

as a kid

i loved to write and would do so on anything –

back of the light bill

in church bulletins

love letters from my brother’s “little friend”


and today i made a commitment to get back to one of my first loves

and write a love note to another love of mine – black people

i recognize the incredible gift that we at aspireTV have been given

to serve a remarkably special audience

and the power of the platform we’ve been given to do so

and our hope at aspireTV is that we make you proud and that you

 see yourself here

not just in the movies you see on our network

or in our talent

but i introduced myself with the hope that you would

 see yourself in me

and in the other 12 persons of color that serve you

behind the scenes at aspireTV

because we see you

 we reflect you

and we love you black people

like for real, for real.


write me back @

and share your love note to black people with me in 20 words or less

i’d love to hear from you


talk soon

melissa ingram

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