What is aspireTV?

AspireTV is the first television network dedicated to shining a light on the positive images and achievements of African-Americans.

What is aspireTV’s mission?

AspireTV is dedicated to deliver enlightening and entertaining programming to African-American families that reflect positive images of the African-American community. In addition, aspireTV was launched to create new and unique opportunities for the next generation of the African-American creative community.

How is aspireTV different from other African-American Networks?

AspireTV is minority-owned. It is the first television network dedicated to shining a light on the positive images and achievements of African-Americans. It is focused on creating new opportunities for African Americans: writers, producers, directors, actors, musicians, dancers and executives who create films, television series, music arts and new media will look to aspireTV as the network home to get their stories told and work exhibited.

How did aspireTV come about?

AspireTV was created as a result of an extensive search by Comcast for new independent networks owned by and targeted at minority audiences.

What is Earvin “Magic” Johnson’s role in aspireTV?

Earvin “Magic” Johnson is the network’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

What is UPtv’s role in aspireTV?

Magic Johnson Enterprises (MJE) partnered with UPtv to manage aspireTV’s operations, including affiliate and advertising sales, marketing, programming, production and network technical operations.

What type of programming does aspireTV feature?

AspireTV’s programming features a diverse slate of original and acquired programming in the categories of movies, documentaries, short films, music, comedy visual and performing arts and faith and inspirational programming.

How do I submit my programming idea(s) to aspireTV?

AspireTV does not accept any unsolicited submissions or materials. As we continue to grow the network, we will update and communicate the best way for you to present ideas and materials on our website at aspire.tv.

Where is aspireTV headquartered?

AspireTV is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.

How long has the network been in existence?

AspireTV launched on Wednesday, June 27, 2012.

Where will the network be available?

To check for aspireTV’s availability in your area, click here.

Is there a fee to be an aspireTV subscriber?

No, there is not fee to subscribe to aspireTV.

How can I ensure that aspireTV is available in my community?

Contact your cable or satellite provider and let them know that you would like to be able to watch aspireTV.

How do I find out about employee opportunities at aspireTV?

To learn more about employment opportunities at aspireTV, please visit www.aspire.tv.