Do Your Dreams Come Before Your Kids? Mo’Nique Reveals A Shocking Secret, She Put Stardom Over Motherhood

Mo’Nique gave us a glimpse into her personal life on the most recent episode of “The David Banner Podcast.”

“I was interested in being a star, and I was interested in being famous, and I wasn’t interested in being a wife,” the 52-year comedian admitted to making her career the main priority in her life.

Mo’Nique also shared how her work placed a strain on her relationship with eldest son, Shalon Watkins, who will be 30 years old this year. She said, “there was a time that when he was a little boy that I wasn’t interested in being a mother.”

A mother of 4 sons, she was more “interested in taking pictures and red carpets and traveling the world” and it all came with a price. Mo’Nique got vulnerable and spoke about apologizing to her son and making sure he knows that her actions had nothing to do with him.

Often times, it’s frowned upon for women to place anything before their families, however, we all know this affects women just as often as men. The comments were littered with women who related and appreciated Mo’Nique’s transparency.

See Mo’Nique’s full interview on “The David Banner Podcast” below



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