Did Jada Pinkett Smith Use A Body Double During This Steamy “Set It Off” Scene? Blair Underwood Reveals All!

If you’re a fan of the hit movie, Set It Off, then you know the steamy sex scene between Jada Pinkett Smith and Blair Underwood’s characters.


It turns out the whole thing didn’t even feature Pinkett-Smith. She used a body double for the scene.



That’s right, Underwood sat down with Netflix’s Strong Black Lead and admitted it: “For ‘Set It Off’, we had a love scene and Jada had a body double. She made the choice, and understandably, and people do that… for the physical body parts. Which I respect, like absolutely.”



He further explains that “…this actress comes in like ‘Hi, nice to meet you’ and you jump right in the bed and do all the physical stuff. It can be awkward sometimes.”


This decision never caused any tension between the two actors. Underwood recently praised Jada Pinkett-Smith and her Red Table Talk series for “constantly putting out necessary & vital info during these uncertain times” via Instagram.



We’ve always heard of body doubles for stunts, but never sex scenes – now we’re wondering what other actors or actresses may have done the same?

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