Chance The Rapper Launches Virtual Awards Show For Teachers, Plans To Hand Out $300,000

Teachers have been holding things down since the end of time and Chance The Rapper has launched a well-deserved award show to hand out $300,000 to educators!



The timing is perfect with teachers and schools from the rapper’s native Chicago, Illinois set to receive supplies and cash during Teacher Appreciation Week, according to the Chicago Tribune.

He previously announced plans for a teacher award show in 2017, and on Tuesday he made things official.


“I don’t know if you all remember, but a couple of years ago I had an idea to do an award show called The Twilight Awards where we would honor the amazing teachers out there as celebrities, and I am extremely proud and excited to say that Box Tops for Education and General Mills, the geniuses behind Cinnamon Toast Crunch, are helping me bring this to reality!



“This Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, I’m going to be giving out prizes and recognizing the amazing teachers that are superstars and celebrities themselves.


The last night of the award show airs tomorrow at 7 pm ET on Chance’s Instagram page!


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