Can Corona Mend A Marriage? Is Ne-Yo Reconciling His Marriage With Crystal Smith?

Sometimes you need a little break, and this may be the case for Ne-Yo and his wife Crystal Smith.


The singer announced he and his wife were prepping for divorce back in February, however, in a recent conversation with radio host Kendra G., Ne-Yo alludes to reconciliation.



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“I’ll say this.  Uh, when you’re faced with a pandemic and you see people dying daily, bunches of people dying all the time, it really puts things into perspective for you.  Who’s there for you regardless of whatever.”


He also opens up about “Pinky Ring,” a song that many claimed to be a diss track to his wife Crystal.


“Regardless of what me and Crystal was going through at the time, never did I ever say that I didn’t love her. That never ever happened. I never had anything negative to say. Even if you listen to the ‘Pinky Ring’ song, it ain’t a dis record I didn’t say anything foul about her through the whole song.”


The couple married back in February 2016 and it looks like we have quarantine to thank for the possible mending of their union.



“When this thing went down and all of a sudden it was like ‘Aye, it ain’t safe to be outside’, I said to myself  ‘Okay, if I gotta be inside, I wanna be inside with people that I know love me beyond a shadow of a doubt, and that I love beyond a shadow of a doubt.”



We hope these two will work things out and come out of this with a love that’s stronger than ever.


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