Black Billionaire Invests in the Future, Pays Student Debt for Entire Morehouse Graduating Class

In a surprise twist to his commencement speech at Morehouse College, billionaire investor and richest black person in America, Robert F. Smith announced that he would be paying off the entire student loan debt for each of the 396 students comprising the 2019 graduating class.

The reveal was met with thunderous applause and chants of “MVP!” from the hundreds of Morehouse Men and family members, who were ecstatic at the prospect of being unshackled from the crippling debt forced on Americans unable to pay for school themselves.

The actual payments will be made through a grant established by Smith’s family that he hopes other Morehouse alumni will also help to fund.

“I want my class to look at these (alumni) — these beautiful Morehouse brothers — and let’s make sure every class has the same opportunity going forward because we are enough to take care of our own community. We are enough to ensure we have all the opportunities of the American dream.”

Being that I’m 1/16th Morehouse 19’ graduate on my mother’s side, I’m very much looking forward to this much needed debt relief and will await my $0 Fedloan balance with bated breath.

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