aspireMKTPLC: Want To Look Young Forever? Africa Miranda Shares ALL Her Skincare Secrets

Now, more than ever is the perfect time to #BuyBlack and if you’re getting a handle on your skin-care game, look no further,  Beauty by Africa Miranda has you covered.


We chatted with the beauty-preneur and dove deep on who she is and how her line of beauty products allows you into her world.


Who is Africa Miranda and why a beauty line?

Africa Miranda wears many hats – host, author, digital personality, and now beauty-preneur…talk about well-rounded!

Her versatility in the field of beauty and media (specifically the digital space) led Miranda to create her own beauty line. Beauty by Africa Miranda will take you on a journey straight from the comfort of your home to one of the many exotic destinations she’s visited.

As an avid traveler,  Miranda wanted to bottle up her experiences and turn them into a facial elixir. Her products are also travel-sized, multipurpose, and best of all – affordable! She believes that beautiful, great products should be something that “everyone has access to, not just those who have a particular amount of money.”



When was the 1st time you saw yourself reflected in the beauty industry?

“On hair boxes and hair ads.” Africa Miranda explains how beautiful it was to see us reflected on hair products whether it was perm boxes or in magazines like Hype Hair.


Fun fact: her first beauty campaign was for Crème of Nature. That’s right, Miranda was the face for the hair company’s argan oil line that launched 10 years ago and to see herself in magazines and commercials was “full circle.”


“I know what it’s like to not see yourself and then when you do what a difference that makes,” she said. “That’s not lost on me at all.” She’s humbled and thankful to be a part of that legacy,


She remembered when people who said things like, “ ‘my daughter saw your hair and that made her like her hair’…that felt really good.”



Lastly, if you were stranded on an island what are your 3 go-to products?


“SPF is a must, you should never be without it!” said Miranda. She’d also pack her Facial Elixir because not only does it hydrate your skin, but also provides you with a beautiful glow. “This is my baby and I love it. It has to go in my bag,” she added. Lastly, her retinol is another must-have because it will keep you looking young forever. Perfect, if you’re stranded on an island if you ask us!



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