aspireMKTPLC: Here’s Why Black Mermaid’s Bath & Body Is As Magical As It Sounds

Now is the perfect time to buy Black and feel good while doing it! This is why Black Mermaid’s Bath & Body should be a must-have for Black people across the globe.


We had the opportunity to sit down with the brand’s founder and CEO, Denise Zannu to discuss all things entrepreneurship and she let us in on a secret… mermaids are REAL ya’ll.



How Did You Come Up With This Name For Your Beauty Brand?


“When I lived in Africa I learned of the belief that the ocean and earth would give people herbs that they needed to be healed,” she continued, “ there was a myth of the Black-tailed mermaid who would heal those who not only visited her but sailors and those who worked on the water would visit to be healed as well.”


Her love for creating beauty products stemmed from her childhood. She played with makeup brands like Fashion Fair and Imani and mixed her grandmother’s old lipstick nubs with castor oils to create her own lip gloss.


“My grandmother also taught me to make my own soap and from there I became the family’s go-to person for those having skin issues.”


She was the Black-tailed mermaid of her family and this carried over to her venture as an entrepreneur.


“We created Black Mermaid’s Bath & Body because we wanted to use our plant-based products and all of nature’s ingredients to help people with their skin issues…to not only have a better mental disposition but to lift their spirits and allow them to be their beautiful, authentic selves.”



What’s Been The Most Difficult Part Of Your Journey As An Entrepreneur? 


“I’d say the most challenging thing was that people weren’t taking this seriously.” Denise shared that the people around her weren’t always supportive. They frequently asked her if this was just a hobby.


“Dancing is my hobby… having my own business is expensive,” she chuckled as she reflected back on people calling her brand a “little hobby.”


Thank heavens she didn’t listen to those folks!


How Do You Support Other Black Businesses?


“ I have a longstanding collective of Black-owned products that I use but it doesn’t just stop there for me.”


Something as simple as purchasing African-inspired clothing from Black businesses is another way she gives back and said that “buying Black doesn’t have to just be about clothing or haircare.”


“From my interns to my mentees looking to get into the entrepreneurial space, I use my platform to provide resources and a helping hand to upcoming Black business-owners.

What Are Some Of Your Future Aspirations For Black Mermaid’s Bath & Body?


“An active dream of ours is to export to the Caribbean by the end of 2020,” said Denise about what’s on the horizon for her brand. Her beauty products are formulated to be accessible to people all across the globe. Mainstream products have heavy distribution abroad, so how do we get healthy, natural, and best of all Black-owned brands at that level.


“Those brands deserve to make it across the waters as well.”


As a huge fan of Oprah, Denise also added that it’d be a dream to have Black Mermaid’s Bath & Body featured on the media mogul’s list of favorite things!


We’re already coining it an aspireTV favorite!

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