Are We Putting Sugar In Our Grits?

Last week, Butter + Brown hosted an intimate luncheon for local and national media and bloggers, discussing all things food and answering questions about season 3 of their show. The dynamic duo also shared thoughts on some trending social media debates:


  • Washing chicken before cooking
    • Seth says no, Leslie says yes


  • Sugar vs. salt in grits – what’s better?
    • Seth advised that he will NOT waste good grits by putting sugar in them.

Guests learned more about the cooking show hosts while sipping on the Butter + Brown cocktail, The Probate (featured on our season 3 episode, ‘The Tailgate’).

In addition to sharing how Butter + Brown made the jump from being a web series to a national television series, Seth and Leslie let it be known that while they are not a couple (the two are happily married to spouses of their own), they are two great friends that love to have fun and throw down in the kitchen.


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