5 Reasons For Taking Advantage of the Word ‘No’

With the holiday season in full swing this month, the most wonderful time of the year can spark stress that often comes from over-extending ourselves to keep everyone else satisfied. This resonates with many women – myself included – because the majority of us tend to possess people-pleasing (wanting everyone around us to be happy, oftentimes at the expense of our own happiness) or Superwoman (also known as the I’ll do it complex) qualities.


We want this month and the rest of the fourth quarter to be different for you, so here are 5 reasons you may want to take advantage of saying the word ‘no’ this November and beyond.


  1. You can’t be everything to everybody.Listen, if you need to put this on your bathroom mirror so that you see it every day, by all means, please do. It’s okay to tell people, “no, I’m not able to do that at this time,” and without an explanation.
  2. Saying ‘no’ is a secret self-care weapon in itself.The word unlocks the door to a life that is filled with intention and purpose. By ending the life of being a “yes-man”, you begin to really live.
  3. The word ‘no’ grants you access to all that you desire. Hear us out – when you use this word in the form of self-care you begin to see life through your own lens and not everyone else around you. In turn, this compels you to go after all that you want.
  4. Using the word ‘no’ will sort the real from the fake.People won’t be mad at you for saying no – or should we say, people that love you. The truth is that family, friends, bosses, etc. generally accept your decision to say ‘no.’ Be kind to yourself and know that it’s alright not to be inclined to do everything.
  5. ‘No’ is a complete sentence.That’s right, you can utter the word and be done with it. Do not apologize or feel that you’re warranted to give an explanation. It’s one of the shortest (and also powerful!) sentences we can use so don’t be afraid to say it!
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